A Different Way of Seeing Things

Hello Knittynudites!

Just a little update from me right now. I have an ever growing cat at my feet and a burning laptop on my knee, and it’s the hottest day of the year outside! I’m sitting in the coolest and darkest room of my house after being out in the sun. I’m too fair for this sort of weather. I’m better in the gloom! Though seeing the sun does make you feel brighter somehow. One thing’s for certain – it’s certainly not a day to be handling wool!

Anyway, I’ve been making the odd little thing, and still doing a bit of knitting. I’ve also decided that I’m going to give crochet a go again this year. A few years ago I tried so hard, following online tutorials, reading books, and even attending all day classes – but nothing stuck. During each class I’d manage a couple of rows and even a few little flowers but as soon as I was home again I’d look at the hook and yearn in despair, having forgotten every single thing I’d learnt. Maybe it just didn’t stick somehow? I’m a few years older now, so maybe my brain will be able to cope with it…

As for felting, I’m made a couple of little monsters here and there, and then found myself in the last week returning to my two best-selling creatures – wolves and Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels…


… The latter was a really sweet story from a collector in Los Angeles. He and his girlfriend would take their little squirrel (Martha) all around the world with them on their travels, and on one such journey she vanished! Possibly off to have an adventure of her own, but this isn’t confirmed as yet. 😉 They wanted a Martha2, so I was more than happy to make them one. I hope she arrives safely to them soon!

Most of this year I’ve been working on a few of my writing projects, and I’ll be releasing a book of poetry with an UK publisher (Valley Press) in October 2017 – I’ll be sure to share it with you when I do! So for the rest of the year (after I know my latest orders have been received safe and well), I’m going to close the Knittynudo Etsy shop temporarily while I focus on storytelling. I’ll still be taking custom orders and commissions, but I’ll post my email address on the shop announcement or you can always contact me through this blog too. I’ll still be here, felting away from time to time. I just need to close things a little for a while before my brain explodes!

Speak soon everyone! And please, just message me here or via knittynudo@gmail.com .

Caroline 🙂 xx

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