*NEW* Mixed Media Owlets!

Thought they may be ‘mixed media’, they’re all fibre…

Say hello to Pumpkin and Marshmallow, the two newest members of the Knittynudo family! They’re made by a long process of me…

  • Handspinning the yarn with a drop spindle
  • Knitting the basic owl shape
  • Stitching up the body and knitting the wings
  • Stuffing the owl
  • Felting the face, and stitching it on!

It’s so worth it though. I love them!



photo 3


They feel so lovely and weighty in your palm – I’m so pleased! I’m going to be making a couple more of these style creatures in the coming weeks but they’re definitely a limited edition as they take quite a lot longer to make than the all felted creatures.

You can visit the pages for the owls via the Knittynudo shop.

Speak soon!
Caroline x


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