I had a lovely custom request a couple of weeks ago… And it was something I’d never made before. How exciting!

I was asked to make a little set of gnomes, and I was allowed to go for it, creating something purely by imagination, with the only specific feature being that they were smallish, and were able to be hung up like baubles.

I thought back to a long while ago, when I used to make more little ‘people’ type sculptures. I made a few wizards and druids here and there, holding staffs or sitting around a campfire (my, that takes me back!)

Well I thought I’d create something along those lines, quite chubby, stocky, with amigurumi eyes. Apart from a sturdy body, the other individualistic characteristic of a gnome was its hat, so I thought I could give each gnome its own colour and keep the rest of the gnome quite folky and naturalistic.


I played around with a  few psychedelic colours, fluoro pinks and oranges, but in the end I thought the gnomes should be quite traditional (though still bright), so I stuck to ochre, red, green, and blue.


I always make use of some browny-grey wensleydale locks for beards and hair (as well as baby owls and alpacas!) so I felted on a bit of a ‘do and a big multi-tonal beard for each little guy.


I then thought that each little face needed a prominent feature, as the hats were quite large and distracting! I ende dup giving the dwarves quite characterful noses, and then little Knittynudo style eyes afterwards. I liked how the gnomes all ended up looking like real individuals, the noses and eyes made they each look unique, and I deliberately made their hats all different sizes and bent to different angles.

Afterwards I threaded through some hemp twine to make a naturalistic hanging cord.


Wouldn’t the world be dull if we were all the same, after all? 🙂

I’m going to make another little set for Etsy I think, and maybe an individual one too. I think this set might be a psychedelic one after all! I’ll keep you posted…

Speak soon!
Caroline x


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