Merry Christmas Knittynudites!

Just a quick post to say a lovely Merry Christmas to all of you, a little round up on 2015, and what might be happening in 2016!


It’s been such a big year.

I got married, Knittynudo ploughed on, I’ve had a few little poetry pieces published, and I’ve been working on a few long term projects… I can’t believe 2015 is all done now. A year ago it all felt like there was just a little bit too much and that I’d never get through it all, but you do, don’t you. You just do it! And it’s been wonderful. It’s been a real year for growing.

I think I feel a little different about things as the year closes. I feel like I appreciate going slow in a way I didn’t before. Having quite a lot to coordinate over the summer meant that I really did wear myself out, and chose to relax a bit more for the rest of the year. Still felting but slower. I wrote a little more, which was nice as it was something i could do on the go. It’s definitely been a year for indulging in my Filofax obsession. When you’re busy – nothing beats organising yourself! (It may be said that i probably spent more time writing in my organiser than actually doing things but who cares!)

So 2016 – what next?

Winter always makes me look inward, and as a result out come the imps, the dragons, the creeping crawling creatures. My first projects in January revolve around little imps (look out for buttons, feathers, and leaves being used too!). I’ve been thrilled to be approached by Stuffed Magazine, and some of knitted and felted creatures will be gracing the pages of the magazine in early Spring, which is exciting too!

I’ll also be writing more, and (fingers crossed) still working on an illustrated collection of poetry around fantastical creatures. I’ll keep you updated. I’m also due a few wee poems out – so watch this space!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! Keep in touch via etsy and Facebook!
Caroline xx

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