Pressed Flowers & Captured Spirits

Hi All!

I’ve been trying something a little different!

I’ve been felting quit a few characterful flat faces recently for stitching onto knitted bodies, and I felt compelled to frame some! They’re like little trapped spirits, preserved in time.

The one above is already in the home of Anya Kiel (of the wonderful Farburvur), but I’ve done one more for etsy and I aim to do one more too.

This little face has been felted by hand and has been layered onto a watercolour backing (painted by me!), and is kept company with a little dried and pressed thistle (pressed by me!), found by the borders of Scotland. I think the pressed flower and the felted face suit each other somehow! Pressing flowers is so relaxing, and I now have to try and stop myself from foraging for leaves wherever I go!

Here’s the link to his listing. If you can suggest a name for the little creature I’ll include it in his listing. I’d love to hear what you think!

Speak soon!

Caroline x


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