Farburvur Appreciation

This post is a bit of a moment to stop and appreciate something! I’ve dedicated this post to one of the most (if not THE most) talented fibre and textile artists I’ve come across, Anya Kiel of Farburvur.

Over the past couple of years Anya has become one of my closest friends, even though she lives in the US! We’ve messaged and emailed every week and sometimes every day, and it’s so strange to learn you have so many parallels with someone living so far away. At times we’ve discovered that we’re reading the same books at the same time, watching the same TV shows, or trying out the same food groups.

Anya’s artist ‘profile’ is Farburvur, a name derived from the simple fun of creating new and odd sounding words with a friend. Anya stitches, sews, re-purposes, knits, and crochets. Her sculptures are just extraordinary.

Anya creates a mix of woodland creatures, mythological beings, and I think I’ve also seen one or two insects in there! I own several creatures by Anya, and a few in this post. I’m so proud to be responsible for them, and I know they’re going to be heirloom pieces one day.

The sculptures are quite robust, and the materials are all repurposed from old items. Re-using and re-purposing is a subject very close to my heart. It seems insane to throw out old clothes and fabrics only to go to a shop to buy more in order to make things. My sewing skills aren’t the best really, mainly because I don’t often get the change to exercise them. I still keep everything though, things that aren’t good enough to donate to charity or sell on ebay.

Anya and I have been working on some long term collaboration projects together, and I’m sure one day there’ll be a few bits and pieces available on Knittynudo (if I don’t keep them myself first!)

You can visit Farburvur’s Facebook page here, and you can find her on the TAFA list here.

Speak soon,



One response to “Farburvur Appreciation

  1. Thank you! I’m incredibly honored to be featured on your blog Caroline (aka the wondrously talented feltress of Knittynudo)! You’re too generous with the wonderful things you say! Thank you. :)) Xx

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