A Summer Wedding!

Well hello there!

I’m phasing back in, people! I did it – I only went and got married. Yippee! It was truly lovely, and though I must admit I did have moments of being utterly overwhelmed in the weeks running up to it, it all fell away on the day itself. I’ll never forget seeing my husbands face waiting for me at the front of the garden. He looked so happy. 

The ceremony was at a small local venue, very outdoors and tea-party-esque. I haven’t had the official photos back yet but the photographer (who is a friend) posted a few teasers on his website… So I can’t wait for the rest!   

 Now that we’re back from our lovely honeymoon in Copenhagen I’m currently wrapping up some bits of pieces from the wedding to keep, pressing flowers, making a display or two, recycling all of those flippin’ jars, and donating what’s left to charity. I’m slowly phasing back into felting too, starting with completing a custom order for a museum project (in which they create curated boxes). 

Even these little guys look like they’re in love!

I’ll be back soon to open the shop again, list some new aromatherapy creatures (I completely sold out before I went on holiday), and I think I’ll be starting to get a bit seasonal. Oooh I love autumn!

Speak soon!

Caroline x

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