Felt and Folkloric Herbs

I think it must be about 2 years since I’ve made any of these scented beasties. I don’t know why I delayed – I guess I’ve been overwhelmed with custom orders, wedding cake topper requests, crazy axolotl madness, and more. I’m glad to be back on solidly lavender scented ground (for now).

For those who have joined Knittynudo after the last few aroma-flumps, these are needle felted creatures which are stuffed full of the finest French lavender. The aroma escapes through the layers of fibre and is similarly protected by its felty covering. Give the little guy a squeeze and you’re in a French lavender field.

I’ve always been into essential oils, botany, and aromatherapy. I don’t even know where the interest came from! I remember sitting on my bedroom floor at about 7 years old, making lotions with the few essential oils I could afford with my pocket money. I swear by making my own facial oil (maybe I can do a post on how to do your own one day!), and incorporate a bit of tea tree into pretty much every bit of housekeeping I do (a few drops in the washing machine disinfects your clothes, don’t you know!)

Scents are just so important to us, they remind us of the past, fill us with nostalgia, refresh our senses, or can make us sleepy. I don’t think we often realize how powerful scents are! Lavender is believed to have soporific qualities, be calming, and help headaches. So these two particular puffballs are very chilled out little creatures.

There are two available on Knittynudo at the moment, and here they are:

I think I’ll make some more in September after I get back from my August break (in case you hadn’t realized – I’m getting MARRIED and going on HONEYMOON! Woopee!) If you have any more suggestions for scents or herb mixes let me know, as I’m interested in stuffing more creatures with folkloric herbs, for a bit of every day magic. 😉

Speak soon!
Caroline x


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