For the Love of Journals…

This post is dedicated purely to the appreciation of these beauties. Do I mean the photography? Yes. Do I mean the content? Yes. Everything!

I’ve been a diarist since I was old enough to even retain a memory, I think. From my first pocket flipbooks to the Lion King diary with lock and key (the key I did eventually lose) to the simple black ‘day per page’ diaries I bought from WHSmith in my teen years, then moving onto the silver version (in my head reflecting the more ‘shimmering’ life I wanted to lead), to the jotters and pads bought by unconsciously floating along in paperchase, and onto my leather-covered journal, customized by In Blue. That current diary has been with me for three years and it’s already very special.

In amongst this, I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Filofaxes. I would happily wile away each day collecting different leathers, colours, shapes and sizes. While my diary stays at home, protected from the outside world, a Filofax is a working object. It’s meant to be carried, opened, closed, scribbled in, added to, stuffed with stuff. I received my first as a Christmas present when I was 19, after deliberating for weeks over the colour and style (my poor mother).

Years later, as I started to expand my world into a day job, scriptwriting, film production roles, courses, a masters degree, starting Knittynudo and the endless list of linked opportunities to that… I wanted something bigger! Including that original Filofax (much loved and worn), I have 5, stretching from a wee mini Malden (thanks to my fiancé for that delightful Christmas present 2 years ago), to an A5 version. One is even being used solely for wedding planning – and one is especially for Knittynudo projects, vital when it comes to scheduling in custom orders and collaborations to complete!

Ebay has been wonderful in scouting second hand journals (empty though of course!) and for older styles which are much reduced. You sometimes read about enthusiasts who have collected 20+ quality journals and you have to wonder – as they’d cost so much to buy! Maybe later in the year I’ll hunt down a nice Midori Traveler’s Notebook, or even a Hobonichi – a new style of journaling popular in Japan. It’s exactly why I love diaries – it’s not just for appointments, it’s to record thoughts, hopes, doodles, achievements, and even just unconscious doodles.

Make your week look beautiful. Heck, make your year look beautiful.

All of these images were sources from Pinterest, where there’s a gorgeous array of diaries in use, displayed for all to see. You can find most of them pinned to my Pinterest boards, as well as the original sources of these swoon-y photographs.

Speak soon!

Caroline x


2 responses to “For the Love of Journals…

  1. I love stuff like this. ♥ I just bought a new art journal slash diary that I am loving so much.

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