Birds, Beards, and Balance

Life gets away from us sometimes.

It’s been a mental couple of months… 2015 is turning out to be challenging in more ways than one. Everything seems to be overlapping, and I hardly have time to tie up one project before two more begin at the same time. And none of it was what you planned to be doing in the first place!

I had intended 3 things for this year. One was to continue on with Knittynudo in a soft, meaningful way, another was to begin two writing projects I’d been planning, and the other was to plan our wedding in a stress-free and mindful way.

Knittynudo started the year crazily busy, and has since calmed down a bit, thank goodness. 🙂 Busy is always wonderful though, and I look forward to it being busy again, but I’ve been quite ill in the past month with a few infections that I just couldn’t seem to recover from. After a month of being ill and having to limit my activities and pause for welcome naps in between, I am happy to say I’m finally feeling much better, though I am still tired. I’m often my own worst enemy at this point, and end up overcompensating for my resting time afterwards by doing too much and then I become ill again. Ridiculous, I know! Why do we deliberately haunt ourselves with our own ghosts of guilt? It’s madness. Still, there’s always time for a bit of silliness. And I’ve realised that creating false beards form my felting materials is more than slightly amusing.

As for writing, I made a good start on one of the projects before I fell ill, and I’m hoping I can get on track with it. The other project may have to wait a little more.

As for planning a wedding (even a relatively low-key one such as ours) has been stressful. I seem to go through periods of inactivity and then all of a sudden think ‘Oh dear me there’s so much we haven’t done!’ and then fly off the handle. There’s still lots of time before August 15th, but I’d like to try to use up lots of the time at the end of that period to work on my mindfulness so I’m not a quivering nervous wreck walking down the aisle (I’m not used to being centre of attention at all!) If any of you have any words of wisdom for keeping calm it would be much appreciated! I am truly excited to be married, I would do it today if I could! It’s just the other bits I feel self-conscious about.

It’s also been my birthday since my last post, and Ben bought me a two hour session handling and flying owls from a falconry centre in Northumberland called Falconry Days. It was wonderful, even if I wasn’t feeling particularly well.

The day after my birthday there was a magical solar eclipse. Most of the UK was too covered in cloud to see it, but I was lucky enough to spy it just for a few minutes through the clouds. I was too ill to go outside but had the perfect view from my window ledge, and who knew that my digital camera had such an incredible zoom? Zoom zoom!

And in amongst this there have been lots of new creatures created and listed on etsy, some as a result of requests and some straight from Pinterest ‘pinsperation’ or research. Always feel free to suggest new creatures – I love trying something new and sometimes there might just be an animal or little being I’ve not yet heard of.

Right – time for some restorative kundalini yoga, green tea, fluffy socks, and a film. Or maybe we’ll watch some ‘Outlander’, I’m loving it at the moment!


2 responses to “Birds, Beards, and Balance

    • It was so much fun! As for the mug, it’s by Sophie Corrigan Illustration, and you can get them on Redbubble and Society 6. Sophie is a friend and she knows I love betta fish, so she made mine part of an illustration! My fish is famous!

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