It’s all been a bit axolotl-y

Axolotls do seem to be the flavour of 2015! As soon as they’re in, they’re out. Who wouldn’t love their own axolotl of course, with their serene little faces and broad smile? Very zen-like! Though a friend of mine (the wonderful Sophie of Sophie Corrigan Illustration) has a few as pets, I first encountered them in a museum I was working for at the time.

The only ready-made axolotl available from Knittynudo at the moment is this little guy, who was only listed on Sunday but is now getting a little bit lonely:

Amigurumi Axolotl - Still available in the shop, yey!

Amigurumi Axolotl – Still available in the shop, yey!

And of course there is always the alternative option, a little darker axolotl:

I love making these little creatures, their faces are clear and broad, and it means that there’s a whole world of possibilities for expressions, poses, and characters. Keep an eye out for a couple more coming in a couple of weeks, and perhaps even a larger and more embroidered version! Working on one larger deluxe creature with care, and taking my time over the tiny details is so therapeutic. Perhaps it’s time to design a super deluxe axolotl?

Who knows what axolotl varieties will appear next? Keep your eyes peeled for new little dears becoming available. 🙂

Speak soon!




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