Hamsters must be contemplative creatures

I hate the feeling of just ‘fitting things in’, when your to-do list is so long that even the fun things you want to do become a task to tick off a list. Do you feel like that?

I think I’ve already been quite overwhelmed this January. In some ways it’s been encouraging, but how I’ve handled it has been less so! My day job has been more than chaotic and I’ve felt quite drained. Knittynudo has had a bit of a boom, with lots of lovely custom orders and also an invitation to be invited to submit art for a magazine (more about that when I decide what to do!), plus I’ve been trying to plan as much of our wedding as possible, as it has just occurred to me that it’s now this year! Despite the fact that it’s going to be lovely and low-key, there’s still lots to sort out.

I’m trying to step back a bit, meditate while making, and take some time to read. Reading has always been one of my great loves, and my love of writing has stemmed from both that and my university degree in English Literature. Stories are so important. Over the last few years I haven’t found the time to read, and it’s so wrong. Even if it’s just half an hour here and there, I need to keep reading, learning about words, worlds, and letting my own life go.

All of this came back to me when I was felting a new little hamster. I think their simple shape and pattern means I end up very contemplative. Who knew that hamsters were so reflective?

Enjoy every minute, and let things go. I think that’s the moral of the story. J


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