Happy January!

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a busy one for me – travelling up and down the country visiting friends and family and keeping Knittynudo going at the same time. I’ve been pottering over a few new creatures over Christmas and finally they’re finished and ready for Etsy. I’m listing them all today!

Every year, I make anabsurdly long list of resolutions and write them down in numerous notebooks diaries and organisers (my goodness I do love Filofaxes) and there’s a definite a logic to this. I want them to be ever present, in every room of my house, at work, everywhere. They’re part of me.

The point is not to achieve them all – it’s to know my direction really. If I did do them all that would be great but it’s important to not beat myself up about not doing them all. Being kinder to yourself should always be the first resolution on everyone’s list – including mine!

I won’t share all of them but here are some of the highlights:

1. Continue working on a super big Knittynudo project (details coming soon – I promise!)

2. Write more poetry everyday to get used to letting language flow

3. Make my own mead! (I love mead, I do)

4. Visit as many natural sacred places as I can, drinking in the atmosphere

5. Live cleanly, drink lots of water and herbal tea, continue with kundalini yoga, delve further into aromatherapy

6. Get married beautifully and simply, with minimum stress and lots of perspective!

There are another 9 in the list but I think these give you the gist of my main focus this year.

What are your resolutions?
Speak soon!
C xx


2 responses to “Happy January!

  1. Your animals are just adorable!! Also I love the spirit behind the list of resolutions, as a steering device to keep on track. Your list is quite similar to mine – hope it serves you well throught the year! X

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