Getting My Christmas Craft On

We’re so close to Christmas now – but I’m still making!
Despite having sold so many little Knittynudo critters lately, I’m spending most of this week making gifts.

I do give quite a few different types of handmade gifts, and though they’re sometimes felted I often stray from what I know and try to learn something new.

The famous Knittynudo robin baubles

The famous Knittynudo robin baubles

Most friends have had a few little baubles as gifts over the past few years. The Christmas of 2013 was pretty ‘robin-y’, I was surrounded by pots and pots of them! This year I’ve been much more selective. Some people are receiving sculptures, some baubles, some altogether different crafty creations! I’m pretty sure that few of my friends read this blog religiously but I still have to be a bit mysterious just in case they do!

I recently constructed a small ‘loom’ from an embroidery hoop, and I’ve been experimenting with empty picture frames too. It’s a zen-like method of creating a swatch of fabric to be used for wall-hangings, quilting, embroidery, or hundreds of other simple mini projects like bookmarks or name plates. It’s also a fab way of using yarn scraps, and you can even weave in strips of leather, twigs, paper, or any other material you can think of! If you can wind it over and under a piece of yarn then you can weave it.

Wonderful weavings

Wonderful weavings

Gorgeous textured finish, courtesy of the wonders of Google Images

Knittynudo has been really busy in the past few weeks, as has all of my other work, so I haven’t been able to make as many new decorations as last year. I did use some old sari silk to make some new pom-pom baubles (ribbon and chiffon strips sourced from the delicious Darn Good Yarn!), and I’ve been using some handspun yarn and craft wire to make some personalized little initial baubles…

One of my favourite Darn Good Yarn ribbons!

One of my favourite Darn Good Yarn ribbons!

I think Christmas is a wonderful time to look through your craft supply, rediscover little treats you were saving and pooling together the materials you’d love to use up, and to just CREATE.

Have fun everyone!


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