A Retrospective‏

Hi all!

I’m feeling quite reflective at the moment.

I think when autumn comes it does remind you that the year is slowly drawing to a close and that soon it’ll be a brand new year. I’m quite busy at the moment with several custom orders (mostly dogs!), and keeping my head down and working makes me even more thoughtful.

I do love a good ‘in progress’ photo, so here are some of my favourites from the past year so far:

1939631_751962164813941_1094363905_n 10154373_748969618446529_1134574700_n 10288773_758441437499347_5090026352430824891_n 10314513_833075460035944_5298309752788511211_n 10390243_785461658130658_7931671124828015661_n 10420763_785892138087610_7920361963543289669_n 10438955_785461584797332_5305738356616891161_n 10527325_810828475593976_8192297879507300274_n 10615493_833043683372455_1695766698603888922_n 10626549_845645168778973_474780373401889201_n 10653576_846338942042929_8808122932278606100_n 10711012_842733589070131_7742961557603845943_n

And long may the making continue.


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