100th Blog Post Sentimentalist

It seems that this is my 100th blog post! Woohoo!  That’s a lot of blogging!!

When I think about how far I’ve come since the first blog post… It’s a real testament to the fact that we really don’t know what’ll happen in the future. You can plan ahead but maybe the real joys are in the details that you really don’t expect.

I’ve felted over 400 different little creatures since that first blog post, and they now live in galleries and homes all over the world. I’ve met wonderful, talented, such unique people during this artistic journey – collaborating with illustrators, exchanging ideas with fibre artists, and making (I’m sure) lifelong friends. I honestly don’t know what I did everyday before fibre took over and Knittynudo was born.

I got engaged! And am getting married in Midsummer next year. We’re saving for our first home too, and that includes a home for all of the creatures currently residing with me!

I’ve travelled a bit – Dublin, Prague, and Venice (where I was proposed to), and I’ve worked in a few different galleries too.

My writing work has developed, in that I’ve been published in journals, online magazines, and print magazines – writing about mindful behavior and philosophy. I’ve been able to write about my interest in holistic living, which has been a real honour. I’ve got another couple of larger pieces of writing in the pipeline too, and I’m hoping I can knuckle down with those and complete at least one next year.

And then the creatures. So many creatures. So many hundreds! This week I’ve been returning to my roots, leaving the bright colours to one side for a while and pulling out the greys and silvers to make more wolves.

I think I’ve found wolves and owls are the creatures I come back to, that remind me of the sort of world I loved to create in the first place. That little world has definitely expanded to include flumps and imps and llamacorns and all sorts of other creatures but still – nothing ill prove to be as challenging and rewarding and creating a ghostly barn owl.

I have a plan for the future, but I honestly don’t know what the future will bring! This can be an unnerving feeling, but I have only anticipation inside me. I’m excited, and hopeful!

Thank you all for supporting me this far!





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