The Joy of Crafting – Latest Piece of Mindful Prose

I’m super proud to say my latest piece of mindful prose has been featured in Pretty Nostalgic magazine!

This time I wanted to convey the therapeutic benefits of getting involved in crafty endeavours – socially, developmentally, and in the sense of connecting to the past and leaving a legacy. Encouraging everyone to get creative is a real passion of mine, whether it’s felting, fibre art, drawing, moulding, sketching, cooking, writing… or anything! I really believe that just DOING can be a remedy for many frustrations in everyday life.

I loved working with Pretty Nostalgic on this piece, as they put so much value in giving a voice to those who are advocated for some aspect of creativity, vintage, or anything ‘curiosity’ related. The editor (Nicole) really is a gem!

If you were interested in subscribing to the magazine (I’m a subscriber and I can seriously recommend it!) you can buy a subscription or any of their back issues or books through their website: .

I hope we get to work together more in the future!



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