There’s a new addition to the Knittynudo household, meet Thoros.

He’s a red betta fish, a type I’ve never looked after before but hope I can manage! Fellow Game of Thrones geeks may recognise his name – we though Thoros of Myr was apt, as he’s a red priest. 🙂 (If the betta had been a female she may have been called Melissandre!)

I think he’s fascinating. I’ve not felted many fish, maybe I should have a go sometime! At the moment I’m quite busy with making lots of snakes (quite therapeutic) and also planning the Knittynudo Christmas collection. 🙂 As usual there’ll be a limited number of robin baubles (last year I made tens of those!), and a few wintery creatures here and there. This time I think there may also be another set or two of baubles… watch this space! 🙂

P.S. If any of you pledged to the Pretty Nostalgic kickstarter – thank you! I’m really passionate about that mag. They exceeded their target by quite a bit, so hoorah! You’ll actually see an article in it by myself in the next issue on the holistic benefits of handmade. I’ll post about it when I receive my copy!




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