Support for a Pretty Nostalgic Pledge

Hi All,

Pretty Nostalgic needs our help! Pretty Nostalgic is a print magazine specializing in creative and sustainable living inspired by the past, and it’s been going through a period of transformation lately. The Magazine has been around for a couple of years, and is published in the form of a high quality luxury heirloom magazine – every issue is meant to be kept for posterity, shared, swapped, or protected. I’ve been a subscriber for a long while (a very thoughtful birthday gift from my brother initially), and now I’m actually a contributor! (Look out for my longform article on the Joy of Crafting in the 1st edition of the new Pretty Nostalgic Compendium!)


The Magazine really has captured my imagination, as it covers pretty much all of life’s areas which I care about. Re-purposing, craft, writing, wildlife, alternative remedies, vintage, quirky Britishness, heritage, nature, foraging… and the simple, honest appreciation of living creatively.

Explore the Pretty Nostalgic website here:

Pretty Nostalgic will be turning into a membership society, with regional meet-ups, clubs, opt-ins, and more – all for the benefit of it’s members. The Magazine will also be renamed the Pretty Nostalgic Compendium and will be published in a more portable yet more substantial book form. I’m so excited – and one of my writing pieces would be in the first issue (an editorial section on the many benefits of getting crafty).

To get going, Pretty Nostalgic are holding a Kickstarter campaign, to raise £8,000. I’ve never actually pledged to one of these before but I am for this. Not only is this a truly special project, but the rewards for pledging are pretty brilliant! With annual subscriptions and back issues up for grabs, it’s a win-win. (I’ve got my eye on the A3 print of the Pretty Nostalgic pledge!)

 Visit the Kickstarter campaign with a lovely homemade video by the lovely Editor, Nicole Burnett here:

 There’s a short deadline of 20th August. I have my fingers so tightly crossed that I fear I might not be able to needle felt for some time!

 Speak soon




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