step by step – a needle felted numbat

I spent Sunday morning curled up creating a numbat.

I’ve known about numbats for quite some time, as there are so many adorable little porcelain and clay numbats out there, but for some reason I’d never thought of felting one. I have no idea why – they’re sweet, compact, multi-tonal, and they’ve got such an interesting range of shadings, markings, and stripes. They’re a type of anteater, and I’ve loved making creatures like them before, with their long pointed snout, snuffling away.

I did the base in a fawn colour – so a little light for a numbat but a nice clean base with a little depth to it. I did the rough sausage body shape first, then the neck, then the head. I think it’s important not to panic at first if it doesn’t look right, they never seem to look quite right at first. The trick is to just keep felting, keep stabbing as you go, and you can always add extra layers or extra balls of wool.

With extra lumps of wool added for hind-quarters and front legs, it’s time to attach little felted feet, ears and a tail.

(Try to ignore the broken drawer in the background! I overstuffed these units with too much wool! :0 )

Quite a lot of creatures can be a solid colour but something like this needs to be built up slowly. My most frequently used type of wool is ‘Norwegian C1’, simply because it’s available in such a wide range of colours, it’s easy to use, it’s relatively fast to felt, and I like the finish. However I don’t think it’s always the best to use for layering and creating shading, so I went back to my soft merino supply so layer on ochres, slate greys, chocolate browns, and deep burnt bronzes (as well as those distinctive numbat stripes!)

Et voila – another first for Knittynudo. 🙂

Speak soon,



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