Oops. My finger.

Forsooth! My worst felting injury yet!

I really must be more careful. I get so carried away with felting that I don’t always take the best care of my fingers. I do have a tool (like a long plastic claw with fine metal fronds) which can be used to hold down wool when stabbing with the needle, and while this is great for some stages of work I miss getting in there and getting involved with the wool. I’m repeatedly turning and twisting the fibres, trying to stab in just the right place.

The result of this is the occasional stab in the fingertip. Felting needles are incredibly sharp, and some are incredibly thick, too. Some involve 3 or even 6 needles at once, which is not a pleasant experience! I dare say anyone that takes up needle felting will become accustomed to the sight of blood very quickly.

Like a terrifyingly spiky squid

Like a terrifyingly spiky squid

This week I injured my fingertip in a shocking way. I was happily stabbing away making a new little flump while watching a film on Amazon Prime, and before I knew it I’d stabbed THROUGH my fingertip and the needle had COME OUT THE OTHER SIDE. Yes, it CAME OUT THE OTHER SIDE OF MY FINGER. Argggggghhhhh! I felt it before I saw it, and immediately pulled it out again, the barbs catching on my skin as I pulled it out. A session of rinsing and looking after myself and now I have one very sore right index finger.

I now feel like the girl from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Magic Finger’, as I have taken to holding my finger in a sort of ‘pointing’ stance, to keep it away from anything that might bump it. I hope I don’t inadvertently put a few spells on people in the meantime. 😛


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