On the subject of snails…

Snails are brilliant. I’m starting get quite a fascination with them and have been making quite a few of late.

Morris: NOW SOLD

Morris: NOW SOLD

 I do love creating creatures that are hand-embellished. I mainly do these embroidered pieces when a creature needs something to stand out and contract with the softer wool of his body. A Snail’s eyes are just the thing – they’re curious yet slightly dopey. Though they’re slow moving, I imagine they have to be very watchful and careful to make up for it. If every inch moved took as long, wouldn’t you be a bit more thoughtful about the direction you went in? They teach quite the life lesson!

Jimmy (at the bottom) and Albert (at the top)

Jimmy (at the bottom) and Albert (at the top)

I recently bought two water snails for my fishtank. I had considered getting more, but they’ve done such a fast job of eating the algae in the tank that I’m having to start feeding them too! If I’d have more they’d need even more food! I even looked into what it takes to look after a land snail. One day perhaps I’ll buy a tank big enough!


2 responses to “On the subject of snails…

    • Thank you! I do feel a kinship with them too. I’m utterly fascinated by them. I hope you keep enjoying all the new little beings being made. 🙂

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