Dreams of a ‘Gaius Garden’

I managed to get out into the garden on Sunday despite the constant threat of rain!

I live in an apartment at the moment so don’t have a garden at the moment. I truly can’t wait to have my own one day, I’ve set up a Pinterest board especially dedicated to my ‘apothecary garden’. I’ll have a vegetable patch and the rest I’ll let grow a bit wild. Ivy, wild flowers, medicinal herbs… and I’ve always fancied a willow tree, though I think they tend to take over a garden a bit.

Here are some images on Pinterest which have inspired me the most. All sources can be found via the Knittynudo ‘Gauis Garden’ board.







On Sunday I looked after my mam’s garden. She does need a bit of help with it anyway these days as it can be quite physical work. I can testify to that as I’m STILL aching in places I didn’t even know I had muscles! I hadn’t realized how hard I was working but not even yoga yesterday helped me to loosen up. It was agony!

Because there’s been quite a lot of rain of late, I spent quite a lot of time rescuing small slugs and snails, which were everywhere! Some reminded me of these little guys:




It made me think that it might be fun to make a happy little earthworm. I can already picture his face. J I may start him later this week. I already think his name is Norman. ‘Norm’ for short.

Speak soon.


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