The 100 creature challenge – and I need your help!

I quite often can’t figure out if I’m actually really good at balancing my time or terrible at it. I love everything I do, but I can sometimes get overwhelmed and end up with a few too many things on my plate. Yet, I think I do quite well to manage everything that I DO do: a (quite often stressful) full time job for a fair trade organization, Writing for several magazines (including a new one I’ll tell you all about in a month or so – it’s very exciting!) as well as a couple of my own creative writing projects, and of course Knittynudo – without which I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am now!

One day, I would love to be able to concentrate on writing and crafting, but as we’re saving for a home, a wedding, a family, and everything in between, I’ll continue to work my little socks off.

Despite my busy schedule, I’m giving myself a challenge. Knittynudo has been wonderfully busy of late, and as a result I was left with fewer creatures in the store than I’d have liked. Between custom orders I’ve been crafting some entirely new little beings (like geckos and crabs!) but I want to do more.

By 1st August, I aim to have 100 creatures in the Knittynudo etsy store! This doesn’t include all of the custom orders I do in between either. But to do this I need your help. Of course I’ll be filling it with the sort of creatures you all know and love, but I want to make a lot of new creatures. It’s partly to create a personal challenge, but I find I get greater pleasure from designing and making something brand new.

I want you all to suggest creature ideas to me – and I’ll make as many of them as I can. They could be your favourite animals, unusual and rare beasts, mythological creatures, strange animal hybrids, or just something you’ve completely made up. I’ll take your idea and reinterpret it and list them all on etsy.

You can comment or message me on the facebook page, tweet me on twitter, leave a reply on this blog post, or even email me your ideas at .

I look forward to reading your suggestions!


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