Spinning in the rain

My goodness I’m so excited. Eeeep!

I recently announced to Mr. Knittynudo that I wanted to take up spinning. He immediately got excited and announced that there were classes nearby and that it was supposed to be brilliant for fitness. Little did he know I meant spinning my own yarn! He should’ve known really!

After hunting around at some beautiful handmade spindles online, I came across Spin City, an Etsy store I have bought from before on my endless search for new and lovely felting materials. I hadn’t realised Louise made her own spindles too!

After debating over over single item I finally decided on this spindle. I loved the natural pine and the pressed cherry blossoms (I’ve always loved cherry blossoms!)


I also bought some new wool to work with and Louise was lovely enough to include some free stuff! Yey!

There are lots of wonderful tutorials on how to spin online, but I found these three videos and I love their simplicity. After watching them once I knew exactly what to do!

How to prepare the wool

How to spin

And finally, how to finish!


Today was a stormy, thundery day, so when this glorious package arrived it seemed like the perfect opportunity to snuggle under a blanket and learn this new historic craft. The day has flown by!

You know what I love about this process? I really feel like I’m connecting to the past. People have been doing this for thousands of years and it’s so easy that I’ve been doing it all day! If something gets me a little closer to medieval living then I’m content.


It’s a good job that I love ‘thick and thin’ yarn… I’m not particularly great at working out an even consistency yet but then again, this is officially my first skein! And I do genuinely love the handspun look.



I think I’m going to use this yarn for handmade gifts… But when I get a little better at it I’ll hopefully be able to use it for Knittynudo projects too! 🙂



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