Adventures in Raku

As many of you know, I did a pottery class last year and absolutely loved it! A month ago I went back to the studio to do a raku class.

Raku is a form of Japanese pottery characterised by a more porous result, lower firing temperatures, and the removal of pieces form the kiln while still burning hot. As a result, it’s a much quicker process, and after glazing my wall hanging and tealight holder they were ready to take home 1 hour later!

Painting on the glaze was just so much fun. There was a wide selection of colours from subtle to bright. Any parts of the clay that you didn’t glaze would end up scorched black, which looked really nice on its own! I tried to mix the colours a bit, and went for subtlety rather than zany (though when I looked at the gorgeous greens and yellows from other students they were beautiful too!)

These are shots of the firing process. One of the potters (Marv) handled the kiln for us while we watched in glee.





Any here are the finished products. I love the cracked look that raku gives. I’d tried to strive for a smooth and even finish in my usual pottery class, but I wanted these to look ancient, worn, used, and completely unique.



I can’t wait to do raku again – painting and pottery, just brilliant!


2 responses to “Adventures in Raku

  1. Looks like you had a fab time and the results are good too. Have you tried using a microwave kiln? It’s designed so it fits inside a microwave and you can then so raku at home. There are some lovely raku glazes to choose from 🙂

    • Wow! I’ve never heard of one of those! Sadly I don’t even own a microwave right now but when we move I’m going to get one simply so I can have a microwave kiln! Amazing!!

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