I’ve got the pompom malady

I’ve gone a bit pompom mad lately.

Just before Christmas, I bought a Clover pompom maker, and made my very first pompom, much to the surprise and confusion of crafty friends!


With the tool, I think it took about a minute, and I was enthralled. Naturally, after making two I decided to embark on making a pompom rug, which needed about 300+ pompoms. After 50 or so, I started to doubt my pompom credentials, and started to think it would take forever. It’s still an ongoing project though I think I’m actually nearly done, and I’m so proud of it!

I started by just using scraps of yarn, and I bought some rubber matting from eBay for £2 to make a nonslip bottom. All that was left wasto stitch the rubber sheets together to the right size, and start tying the pompoms on to the mat by threading the longest bits of yarn through the webbing with a craft needle.



I’m a lot further on from this stage now, but I’m going to save the final result for a grand unveiling!

Pinterest has some amazing images of artwork co stricter with pompoms, so I’ll leave those with you as a means to inspire you all to go retro and go just as pompom mad as me.







This is my favourite. It’s just like the moon and stars.


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