A little bit of Himalayan peace

I’ve been truly exhausted lately. I’ve struggled to keep up, and as a result I’m learning how to be peaceful again.

Sometimes tranquility can be created in the simplest of ideas. I often find solace in lighting a candle in my little salt lamp.


Himalayan rock salt is supposed to emit negative ions which counteract the positive ions given off by electrical devices. I’m not sure to what degree this is true, but I feel like it makes a difference. I often feel unable to concentrate when I’m surrounded by lots of plugged in electrical devices so I’m not sure if I’m particularly sensitive. This is why I hand write most of my work before typing, and why I find organic crafting such a freeing method of creativity.


This Himalayan lamp was a gift from my brother a few years ago from a fair trade seller, and I’ve since acquired another the same size and three little ones. Even if the main reason why they’re so relaxing is the warm, wholesome glow, I really don’t mind. As soon as it’s lit, I know that I can look after myself.


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