Life’s Lessons

Have you ever had a moment in your life when it just seems a little too full?

I got to that point recently. And in some ways, I love it. I strive to fill my days with creativity and learning, but sometimes you definitely need to just stop.

Everyone relaxes differently, but I think I spend so much time working, writing, designing and making that my way to calm down is just to do nothing. I could easily sit, staring into space, holding onto a warm cup of green tea. Just staring, feeling my body be still. Sometimes I’ll long to be scooped up in strong arms and carried (curled in foetal pose) to an escape. Somewhere alien and different, outdoors and wild. I think it’s because I find it hard to stop my brain thinking of the next project, the next poem or article, the next little Knittynudo creature. If someone steals me away, my mind can be whirring to a stop before it’s exposed to something new and completely foreign. And then I’m completely free of everything that weighed me down before. I’m free.

Take some time to look after yourselves if you can. Your mind is the centre of your entire being. If it’s not being looked after then you’re not being kind to yourself.


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