Artist Collaboration with Sophie Corrigan Illustration!

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of sneak peeks of mine and Sophie’s collaboration recently… a sketch here and a half-felted slug there. Well we’ve both been busy making creatures and paintings to send to each other, in order htat both of us will end up with a couple of sets to sell.

Each set contains a felted creature (or two!) and an original painting. Here are some pics of the sets I have for sale…


One is little SlumberSlug, and the other is mossy Flapjack. These will be in the Knittynudo shop in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled! Sophie’s sets are little foxes and bears, so keep an eye out for those too in her etsy shop Earth Gnome. I know she’s finding it hard to part with them at the moment! 🙂 As am I!

It’s been so lovely to work with Sophie, I think she sees animals and creatures in the same quirky way I do. Her illustrative skills are just amazing. It’s also lovely because she’s in England, so not too far away! It’s been lovely to build up a friendship in this way, and since I know Sophie is moving onto great things it’s fab that I can follow her journey!



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