Game of Thrones Embroidery – I’m flabbergasted

I saw a link a while back which took you to the website for the textile artist who created the beautiful embroidery for the costumes in the HBO series Game of Thrones, and I’m flabbergasted. I love the books and the series, and think the costumes and the sets are stunning to look at but you don’t appreciate the intricate details until you see them up close.

Michele Carraghere designs, paints and the embroiders all the detail by hand, which is almost an unbelievable feat when you consider the scope of a production like Game of Thrones. The website ( is a treasure trove of lacy and intricate costume gems, and she even includes step-by-step guides as to how she does it. It’s inspiring stuff.

There are also examples of vibrant fibre art insects that were used to embellish costumes in the more exotic regions like Qarth.

I’m so enthralled by Michele’s work that I’ve added it to my ‘must do’ list to attempt a piece of work like this and then use it for an outfit. Perhaps on a dress or a jacket?

Ideally, I would LOVE to do this for a wedding dress. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You could either keep the dress forever or you could detach the detail and frame it as a reminder of your beautiful day and the wonder and creativity of the human imagination.

These wolves and the fish at the top are my favourites, probably because I’m really into these silvery, lavender-y, etheral shades at the moment. Perhaps one day! If I ever managed to have a go I’m sure it’d end up amateurish but I’d still be proud, especially if I it was done for my wedding dress. It’d certainly fit in with the handmade, natural and sustainable vibe!

[All images are from Michele Carraghere’s website]


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