A different type of talent

This post is a little different, and dedicated to the talent of one individual.

Delicate fin-work

My fiance is an incredibly talented artist and illustrator, and his technical ability far exceeds mine! As he works so hard at his day job he often doesn’t have time to draw or paint, but recently he’s been doodling while we’ve been watching a film or I’ve been felting. He’s combined his drawing ability with his love of puzzles, riddles and mazes, and he’s created something quite special.

I think he's captured the royal nature perfectly

There’s always a start and finish point, and they’re completely do-able mazes. I’ve watched him do them free-hand, and I don’t know how he plots where all the lines should be. Mine would just end up a tangled mess! Especially since he heads straight in with the pen and ink, and doesn’t even use pencil first. That’s commitment for you.

A bushy beard of confusion

We’ve framed these ones (along with another one he drew of a kingfisher) and they’re hanging up our staircase, confusing everyone that visits and needs to use the loo. They’ve already been taken down a few times so people can sit with a cup of tea and try and work out the puzzle.

I want to help him develop a book of puzzles like this. What a beautiful piece that would be!


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