A little catch up… My busy few weeks

It’s been an absolutely manic few weeks and I’ve hardly had a moment to think!
I’ve been crafting a lot before I went away to Venice but since getting back I’ve been a bit all over the place. Crazy busy.
It all began with getting engaged while we were away – my lovely boyfriend of 4 and a half years asked me to marry him. Yey! He’d gone all the way and even brought a ring out with him, a handmade piece from one of my favourite jewellery makers. It’s beautiful and I’m honoured to wear it.


Never having done this before, I really didn’t know what came next! But we spent the next couple of weeks having visits from family, friends and making sure we see people to tell them. It’s quite tiring! Now all that is settling down, we’re going to enjoy a period of calm before we start thinking of the practicalities. We’ve had a few ideas but we know we’re going to go down the informal, natural route. Perhaps there will be a few future blog posts covering how to make as many wedding bits and bobs out of felt as possible? Who knows. 🙂
I’ve also been busy with other side projects – the illustrator who drew and painted some of my creatures is currently on board to do a couple of collaboration projects, so watch this space! They’ll be on Knittynudo in the next month I should think, and they’ll be wonderful. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the creatures….
My day job has been manic too, and I’ve spent a lot of time travelling up and down the country talking to other museum professionals about the wellbeing and potential of volunteers (as some of you will know, I also work for a large museum organisation in the north east looking after volunteers). I love travelling by train, but delays and cancellations and having to stand on a packed train for 3 hours doesn’t do much for my energy levels. I think I’m still recovering!
As well as the above, I’ve also had more success with my writing projects too. I was doing a bit of copywriting work for a film company (Every penny counts these days, especially with a wedding to save up for!) and I had another article published in OmYoga Magazine (it’s available here). I wrote an article about bravery, and living in a courageous way everyday. I need to try and remember my own advice more, as sometimes I can quite easily feel a bit overwhelmed by everything and want to curl up in a protective ball.
So lots of positivity, and lots of being busy! I’m going to be trying to take it easy over the next couple of weeks, though shipping will be just as regular as normal. 🙂 I’m currently working on a couple of sculptures for the collaboration with Sophie, and then after that you should see lots of new creatures and Christmassy beings start to appear…
I’ll leave you with this note, never to be forgotten:

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