DIY – how to needle felt a sleeping dog

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a DIY, so I thought it was about time I did!


This little guy was inspired by Sophie Corrigan’s sleeping blue dog (see a few posts ago), and so I sent my felted version to her as a gift.

Roll and felt the body

The dog itself has quite a simple shape, it’s all blobs and sausages! Successful needle felting always begins by felting from the inside outwards, so start with the basic core shape, in this case, an oval blob. Because we’ll be adding lots of little pieces for legs and ears we need to body to be quite firm to hold them in place, so felt away!
(If any of you hadn’t needle felted before I’ll give you a brief reminder. Felted sculptures are created by stabbing loose carded wool (or curls) with a special felting needle, which looks like a large sewing needle with notches along each side. The fibres from the wool catch onto the notches and tangle together, causing the wool to tighten and tighen. In this way you catch felt different wools together by latering and stabbing through them both. YouTube has many wonderful videos and tutorials if you want to try it yourself!)

Adding the head

Adding the head

Next, we felt on a head. I felted a smaller ball, and then attached it to the body, and then felted an even smaller ball and felted it on to the head as the muzzle. You can fill in gaps in the wool by stabbing in some loose fibres.

Little legs and tail

Little legs and tail

The legs for the sleeping dog were quite skinny and weak looking, so I had to make sure they were quite straight and quirky. By pinching thewool and running the notches of the needle along I could get quite a stiff coating to the legs, making them more sturdy. The next step is to attach them by stabbing the different pieces together…

All coming together

All coming together

… And not forgetting a tail of course!

Them the only bits left are to felt two little triangles for the ears, and then use tiny amounts of black to create two little sleepy eyes and a button nose. Small details like this are often the trickiest, and you just have to be patient. Layer on the few strands of wool and stab it in where you want it to go, kind of like drawing with your needle. Swirl a few strands of wool around your needle and stab it in the create the nose.



And there you go! I think a purple dog would work out lovely! try it yourself.



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