sophie corrigan inspiration

I was recently talking to a wonderful UK artist I discovered through her whimsical t-shirt designs on RedBubble:

Sophie Corrigan draws, paints and sculpts her way through the natural world, and as I also do this in my own way I feel a kinship with her!
Sophie sells her work on a few different platforms, and I recently bought 3 of her originals through charity auctions on Ebay.

'Hold me'

‘Hold me’

So now I own three quirky drawings and watercolours, and know I’ve made a donation to some fantastic animal charities!

Sunny yellow bird

Sunny yellow bird

I’m currently deciding where to put them, I love them all!



I’m starting to think that this blue wolf is my personal favourite. He looks so at peace! I want to feel as calm as he looks.

Her T-shirt designs on RedBubble are just adorable too. Check her out – the link is at the top of this post. 🙂


4 responses to “sophie corrigan inspiration

    • They are aren’t they? I’ve always quite liked using watercolour though I’m not very good. I quite like the idea of the simplicity of coloured pencils too!

    • They do don’t they? There’s something quite sharp and raw about them, but they’re also sweet and fun. You should check out her t shirt designs Adam, they’re so cute!

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