playing with pottery

As followers of facebook will know, I’ve started a pottery class! So for one evening a week I get down and dirty with a potters wheel and wet sticky clay.

When I was little I was obsessed with plasticine, modelling bears and animals from imagination and giving them away as gifts. I also dabbled with clay and terracotta but I knew of no art shops nearby that sold it so I was quite limited!

I’ve only had a couple of lessons so far with Muddy Fingers Pottery, and I’ve been making pots, bowls, a moneybox (which has turned into a Mexican Bushbaby Wish-Box) and a butter dish. They’re still pretty wet in these photosand I’m looking forward to firing them and glazing them in a couple of weeks.

Mine’s the one on the left. Notice the David Bowie moneybox on the right!

I don’t use that much butter really, so I’m going to use this for everything! I’m thinking cheese, for example!

This week’s lesson meant I also got to play with a 6 week old sprocker puppy (a cross between a springer and cocker spaniel) called Sally. Adorable.


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