new materials I’m drooling over….

I buy new felting materials sparingly, as I always try to use everything I own to maximum potential. I really hate waste, and I love being economical. It’s savvy to be thrifty these days!

Every so often though, I do need new materials. I usually buy lots of plain, opaque colours to make most of the natural wildlife creatures, and at the moment I find Norwegian wool the most handy to have ready.

For my fantastical creatures, I always find it hard to narrow down to a few selections of colours as there is such a wide and GORGEOUS range of batts and curls out there. This year I’ve been trying to stick to UK sellers, as I bought a lot from international sellers last year. 2013 is about supporting local crafts, and so I’m swooooooning over these beauties from Spin City (London, UK). Think of the creatures I can make with these….





All photos and products are courtesy of Spin City –



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