giveaway news!

Hi All!

Just a little heads up to say the newest Knittynudo giveaway will be launched on Monday 10th June, and will be hosting by the lovely Rachael Tree Talker on her Talk2TheTrees blog – .

I’ll be linking to it lots once it’s launched, but for now let’s say I’m very, very excited!

Now, who wants to win a Flump or two? 😉

'Will that be one flump or two?'

‘Will that be one flump or two?’

Speak soon!


2 responses to “giveaway news!

  1. I love the giveaways! Need to have a knittynudo creation! Is there anywhere I can buy knittynudo creations outside of Europe? I live in Canada therefore I could not find them in a boutique. But can I order them by mail? Please reply.

    • Hiya! Yes of course, I send lots of sculptures to Canada all the time! Most of my creatures are online rather than in galleries. Visit and take a look! Xx

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