radio silence

I feel like I should explain my radio silence this past week!

It’s been a busy one, with a couple of new orders and a few deadlines for some pieces I’ve been writing.

It’s funny how the more deadlines I have, the more it can make me feel a little down about it. It’s almost as if there is so much going on that I can’t truly accomplish anything! Everything hangs in the air, even after I’ve seemingly completed it.

The irony is that really I should be bouncing off the walls that I’m involved with so much, and that I even HAVE deadlines to meet. It’s great, after all! Like anything though, it can get overwhelming, and everyone’s brain needs a time out every now and then.

This week I’m having a bit of a rest (though I’m sure that now I’ve said that I’ll be more productive than ever!) and then I’m ploughing ahead again. There is plenty to be excited about!

In the meantime, I’ll try to practice my zen balancing….

Alignment and balance. Yes please!

Alignment and balance. Yes please!

Speak soon,
Caroline x


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