re-purposing and re-imagining

It might not surprise you to hear that I am an ardent collector of crafty materials, exotic yarns, handmade materials, beautifully printed fabrics, and artwork of all kinds. I’ve tried to fill my little world with colour and creativity and unique-ness, but this can come at a costly price.

As I get older, I’ve found that they more things I’ve bought, the more odd I felt about it. I’m not too frivolous, but I wouldn’t particularly limit myself either. I think living a life of excess like this made me quite discontented, and I began to feel that the things I’d spend my money on became more real than I was!

The art of re-purposing has come to me at an important time in my life, when we’re saving to buy our first house and build a future. Times are hard, and life isn’t cheap. Meeting so many diverse and interesting people on etsy has showed me a world of creative possibilities without always having to buy everything from scratch. Beautiful creatures made from old clothing….

To stunning wall hangings, improvised from a few loose pieces of yarn.

By doing this we’re making the most of everything we have, not wasting anything, and more importantly making everything unique and original. Something I’m currenly doing at the moment is knitting a yoga mat carrier, as I’ve started a new series of pilates lessons. I could have easily just bought one, but I thought how wonderful it would be to knit my own from leftover pieces of sari yarn and sari silk?

I'm using scraps of this sheer gorgeously to knit a tie to secure my yoga mat closed...

I’m using scraps of this sheer gorgeously to knit a tie to secure my yoga mat closed…

I’d much rather fill my world with quirky handmade items than more store bought throwaway items.
This year, I’m buying less, and making more.

Be inspired, everyone.


2 responses to “re-purposing and re-imagining

  1. I know how you feel..I’ve been hankering after the same lately and my favourite thing I’ve made lately was my little bird nests, needle felted from sheep and alpaca wool from my local farm, left over yarn and moss!..and some wool rovings too! But it felt so nice to be using natural materials. I’d love to make more using preloved and old materials. Apart from helping to cut down on waste and pollution its also usually cheaper..and makes for more unique and interesting results. That will be my mantra for the year too I think “make more…buy less” Lovely x

    • They sound adorable! 🙂 I think we can make ourselves so much happier just by living this way. A life of excess may mean losing yourself amongst your clutter.

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