Knittynudo’s fibre artists to watch in 2013…‏

January seems to be a month of re-stocking and re-making after the success of a Knittynudo Christmas! I’m trying to re-interpret lots of sold little characters as well as making lots of completely new creatures. It’s an exciting time, if not a little exhausting! I think I’m going to spend much of this weekend buried under a pile of wool trying not to spike myself too much with my needles!)

I want to do a little blog about my favourite fibre artists of 2012 going into 2013!

Wassupbrothers ( ) is just the most delightful shop. With the elegant feel of a vintage boutique, Olga designs and crafts all of her wonderful plush owls and animals from recycled and vintage fabrics, many of which she dyes herself from natural resources like tea and cinnamon. How amazing is that?

Bennie Hedgehog

I own two little Wassupbrothers owls, Gaudi and Fibi:

Gaudi loves a bit of jazz

Fibi is a peaceful soul

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Olga on New Year’s Day and am eagerly anticipating a little friend for Gaudi and Fibi. Olga does a lot of competitions and I think that’s such a wonderful thing for people who can’t always afford everything straightaway. What a lovely surprise to have!

Mount Royal Mint ( ) has been a constant favourite of mine since joining the etsy clan. Sabina has such an unusal way of seeing creatures, they’re adorable, soft yet structured, simple and never overstated, but there’s something a little ‘odd’ about then. Almost like they’re straight from Wonderland or something. I’m a sucker for anythnig with a bit of an edge. 🙂

An Aquarius bear

Emerald hare. Not hair.

And speaking with characters with an edge, Farburvur ( ) is a collection of strange, mythical, wonderful, dreamlike creatures, full of incredible detail. Anya is a hugely talented artist and I’m honoured to be the owner of a couple of her pieces. I think they’re wonderful storytelling muses. 🙂

Let me tell you a tale...

This is Fiona, and she's mine!

She also makes gorgeous little brooches, worth pinning to anything I think. Anya and I may both have a few sculptural announcements in 2013!

Carry the starry sky with you everywhere.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 🙂


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