A big thank you for 2012, diary-keeping, and the big 2013….

Whenever it gets near the end of the year I always start feeling quite hopeful for the year to come. Do you? I always set myself quite a few new years’ resolutions and try to stick to them. This year I’m happy to say I stuck to 7 out of 11 resolutions, which isn’t half bad I think! One of these had been to set up Knittynudo on etsy and I must say it’s been the best one of the lot! A few others were related to the writing work I do, and I kept to those too. All in all it seems I mainly kept to the resolutions involving my dreams and aspirations, and I’m so glad I did!

Knittynudo has gone from strength to strength this year, and it’s thanks to all it’s followers, facebook fans, tweet-ers, galleries, magazines and of course the collectors. Thank you all! I’ve met so many lovely people this year through etsy and crafting and I’m thankful to every one of you for supporting me through 2012. Knittynudo creatures are now in homes all over the world! They’ve been featured in countless blogs, treasuries, some galleries, and the etsy front page!

Now that it’s nearly 2013 though, I’m looking ahead to what might happen next! 🙂

Lots of mythological creatures coming in 2013!

Lots of mythological creatures coming in 2013!

I’m an avid diary keeper, and have done since I was a little girl. Though most of my entries until the age of 15 were mostly doodles and random scary sentences (I sometimes think I may have been an odd child), from 15 – 20 I wrote a long entry every day, recording everything. I loved it, my diary was like a soul mate. I still have all of those journals, racked up on a bookshelf. I always bought the same diary, either in silver or black.
From 20 onwards, I took a more spontaneous slant on diary keeping. I starting buying diaries in all shapes and forms and fluctuated from writing everyday to just writing ideas for creative pursuits.
This year I’ve treated myself to a diary of the handmade variety…

I love handmade. I love natural materials. I love nature. Happy!

I love handmade. I love natural materials. I love nature. Happy!

This gorgeous little tome is going to contain all of my thoughts, dreams, and ideas for extending all of my creative projects. I’m so looking forward to receiving it! It’s winging its way to me as I speak, and as soon as I receive it I’m going to write in my new resolutions for 2013.

Many of these do concern Knittynudo, and making it bigger and more wonderful. I hope you all follow me into 2013 and are just as wonderful as you all were in 2012.

Thank you all! (And Merry Christmas!)

Caroline xxxx


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