New fibre craze… I think I have an addiction.

I just thought I’d share a gushing blog about the exciting new materials and fibres I’ve been ordering in order to make lots of new lovely things for Knittynudo in 2013! I think I’ve ended up spending rather a lot of money but it’s a good thing – I’m supporting as many small farms and independant dye-ers and fibre-makers as possible. I also thing using materials from these sources will make the little creatures extra special. 🙂

As you can see, I’ve gone technicolour! I mostly have ordered single tops in single colours previously, as I tend to need quite a lot of certain tones. This time I’ve allowed myself to buy all (or at least some) of the beautiful hand dyed batts that I’ve been drooling over for months. In needle felting these batts are very useful, as they allow me to pick out so many different complementaty tones and colours without worrying about colour matching. But I also plan to get into something a bit different too…

As well as the usual needle felting method, I plan to experiment more with wet felting. Perhaps if I create some larger creatures, or scarves, or wall hangings… so many options! So I’ve been stocking up on olive oil soap, the best kind for wet felting.

Another luxury batt, this time with blended angoras, firestar and merino. The firestar gives it a bit of a sparkle. I’m thinking more wildflower imps, or midnight owls… It was made an amazing scarf too. Imagine the deep purple with the occasional streak of electric pink?

These are beautiful hand-dyed rovings from Finland. Etsy really does mean we can support artists everywhere! The shop is called Lanitium ex Machina, and they really do have some gorgeous materials. These two are named ‘Aura’ and ‘Warlock’, and I think it was the names that finally clinched the deal for me! I can’t wait to start using them.

I can’t resist Wensleydale curls! These are from Germany (Needlework’s Pleasure) and I’ve collected lots on a whole array of bright and natural colours. These autumnal ones are destined for many creatures… Crazy wonky eyed cats, little ginger owls, or maybe a red haired wood spirit. Who knows!

I think I’ll still keep some surprises though… so that’s all I’ll share in this post. I was just so excited to receive all of these beautiful colours! It’s going to take all my mental strength just to stop from hoarding them as they are in their beautiful, twisty glory.


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