Sooo much felting, sooo much craft!

Sooo much felting, sooo much craft!

I’ve been so busy with custom orders of late (like the little creatures above) that I’ve hardly had a chance to make some new little critters for Knittynudo! So, I thought this blog entry could be a homage to all the creatures that I’m hoping to make very, very soon.

The Kakapo: One of the most endangered species on earth, and surely one of the sweetest. Also known as an owl parrot. I can’t wait to make this chubby little creature in gorgeous tones of green and fawns.

A little hare. Hare’s are so symbolic of virtue, and skill, but in some cultures they also stand for immortality. Aside from that, I love their curvy flowing bodies, much more lithe than rabbits (though I do intend to make a few more bunnies too!)

Slow Loris. Such an eerily cute little creature. I have to have a go at the unusual markings and adorable face-shape!

Foxes – There are so many types, so many characters, so many adventures that foxes can get into that I really can’t stop making them in all shapes and sizes! I’ve also found foxes the most difficult creature to capture so far, which is why every fox that’s been sold from Knittynudo has ended up so decidingly different!

I think I’ll keep the other creatures a secret… 😉

Don’t forget that until Sunday 18th November you can be in with a chance of winning the wee little Christmas bird collection below. When the winner has been chosen at random I’ll ask them if they want me to attach cords to each so they can hang somewhere too.

All you have to do to win is either:

– Follow this blog and comment on this post to let me know you’ve done it!
– Go to my facebook page and share the highlighted competition post with your friends. Please comment on the post to let me know you’ve done it!
– Follow Knittynudo on Twitter and send me a tweet to let me know you want to win!

With each action you choose to do above, you get an extra entry!

I’ll be getting an excited assistant to help me choose a winner at random at the end of Sunday 18th November.

Caroline xxxx


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