Christmas Giveaway Competition!


To celebrate Knittynudo’s first Christmas and to say thank you to all of the Knittynudites I’m giving away this mini Christmas collection to a lucky winner. It includes a wee penguin, barn owl, robin, and a turtle dove. If the winner likes, I will attach cords so they can hang on your tree or anywhere else you think they’d feel at home!

To have a chance at winning, you can do a number of things. You get one entry by doing one of the following – you can follow this blog (after you’ve followed please comment on the post and let me know!), you can share the giveaway post on my facebook page: , or you can follow my on Twitter. Send me a tweet to let me know! Doing more than one of these things gives you more than one entry, simple! 🙂

I’ll be getting an eager assistant to draw the winner’s name at random at the end of the day on Sunday November 18th.

Good luck everyone!

Caroline xxxxxxxxx

8 responses to “Christmas Giveaway Competition!

  1. Hi, Caroline! Hope all is well with you; good luck with the giveaway 🙂 My Erika loved her Brown Bear that I gave her for her birthday! Unfortunately, the cats (Ginger & Stella) love Brown Bear, too! Brown Bear has gone into seclusion (hibernation?) to save herself. It’s too funny, the one cat, Ginger, puts her “favorite things” (toys) into her food dish. I’ve found Brown Bear in her food dish twice now. Hilarious! Luckily Brown Bear came out of it no worse for wear. Take Care! ~Yvonne Scholle

    • That’s so funny! I’m honoured Ginger loves Brown Bear, though I imagine Brown Bear would be a bit overwhelmed by the attention! I’m super pleased Erika was just as thrilled as Ginger with her Brown Bear too. :))

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I just followed you on Twitter! Hehe, I was so silly and was searching for “Kittynudo” instead of “Knittynudo”! By the way, I came across your site because I was searching for aromatherapy plushies 🙂

  3. Hello! I just found you tonight on Etsy and low and behold you are having a contest giving away your amazing art. What luck!! I have shared your page and contest link as well as started following your blog. I hope it’s not too late to enter the contest. I know today is the last day. Either way your art is amazing and you have mad talent. It’s refreshing to see your beautiful original needle felting.

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