It’s a bit of a festive fest at the moment…

This may be a little premature but I’m getting so excited for Christmas! It’s odd because I usually get much more excited for Hallowe’en at this point but this year I’m full-steam-ahead to robins, elves and penguins.

Here are some Knittynudo Christmas creations! Perhaps you’re partial to a polar bear?

Or are penguins your pal of choice?

And of course, it wouldn’t be quite the same without a few festive robins to cheer us up!

And since it’s knittynudo, there had to be a little something with a mystical, quirky edge:

I’m also working on a little mini collection (like the robins) which are a few little Christmassy animals and birds all together. An ultimate Christmas collection! I’m planning on hosting a giveaway quite soon, so this may well be the prize. Either this or something else quite Chrsitmassy. Feel free to suggest or comment! It may well appear in the next blog…

In the meantime, enjoy Hallowe’en everyone!


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