Hellos, goodbyes, and a lot of blessings in between

Such a busy week!
It’s been an emotional one, as many sculptures, both old and new, have been making their way around the globe to their new homes. There have been some fond farewells between old friends…
And some new guys joining the nest.
I always try to visualise a lot of good wishes and love into each box before they’re posted off to their far away destinations. I like to think people can tell when they open each and every package!
I always just try to channel how I feel at the time, what I feel like doing. That might explain why knittynudo sometimes sees a burst of small monsters, or a bunch of cats appearing! I quite often am asked to make custom orders and I soon get into the rhythm of creating these new creatures, but I really think nothing beats just letting flow what you feel. A couple of weeks ago I felt incredibly Christmassy, so ended up with cheeky little robins aplenty!Image

I think with autumn coming, and the changing seasons, and wanting to wrap up a bit in woolen cardigans and chunky scarves, I’m starting to feel the pull of the woods. So expect too see owls and foxes in the next few weeks. I’m finding that after my initial fear of making owls I’m wanting to make them more and more. They’re by far my favourite creature, and I was so worried about getting them wrong. But I now think there are too many species of owl, and too many characteristic little faces, that you can’t really go too wrong! As long as they have personality, they’re owls. 🙂
Caroline xxxx

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