Featured Curiosity of the Week

Time again for a *featured* curiosity…

And the winner is…

It had to be odd eyed Bertie. Bertie’s story is that he’s a little confused about life. Things seem so simple sometimes, so why do other people ahve to complicate things? To be honest, Bertie finds most things a little surprising but then he quite likes that – it makes life much more interesting.

Bertie was needle felted from mainly wensleydale curls in natural colours. I wanted him to look as natural and rustic as possible to show how he spends most of his day sitting on the end of a branch high up in an old old tree, the wind through his feathers. He’s a funny old bird, and is a new member of the Knittynudo club.

He’s hiding here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/109619707/owl-sculpture-needle-felted-primitive


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