Knittynudo has gone primitive!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – and this is mainly because I’ve been a bit of a felting machine in order to get ready for autumn and winter! I’m stabbed and felted to the bone. If you stripped my skin off, I’m sure all my layers of flesh, blood and bone are properly felted together. A dedicated craftswoman is I.
I wanted to focus on the more primitive creatures I’ve been making recently. This little guy above is a needle felted llama, make from a blend of merino and corriedale wool. I recently bought some Wensleydale curls (I blogged about it a few weeks ago in ecstatic glee) and I’m definitely putting them to good use. As well as usually the gorgeous hand dyed tendrils for fantasy owls and such, I’ve been using the natural and undyed curls to create more primitive and folk inspired creatures, like this llama and the little baby owl below. >
I love how multi-tonal and textured the body becomes when it’s layered with the curls. I wanted these creatures to look a bit more rustic and country cottage-esque, because when I think of winter I think of natural tones and all natural materials, or maybe that’s just me! I thought the grey and brown tones went very well with the many versions of owls I have in my head!
Bertie (above) is another curly felted cutie. I think he’s possibly my favourite owl out ouf all of the ones I’ve created thus far (I’m sorry to all of the others!) There’s something about the natural robust finish along with his rather confused and puzzled wonky eyed stare. Who could resist? All of the above creatures are on Knittynudo right now ( but I’m oh-so-tempted to keep Bertie for myself…

Speak soon!

Caroline xx


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