Fall, Owls, Curls, and Cuddling in Fire-lit Caves!

Hi All!

It’s turning to fall… and the golds and reds and tawny oranges are making me feel inspired about the new autumn collection.

I’ve been inspired by fall colours, curly snuggly textures, and folk art. Quite a few of the new pieces will be quite textured, with the Wensleydale curls I wrote about last time…

Some of the new creatures will be making an entrance in the next few weeks, and I’m pretty pleased with them too! I’m trying to do some new creatures as well as re-imagining some old ones, and the below picture of me this week might give you a clue as to what one of the creatures will be!

Can’t go wrong with owls can you? And the couple of owls I’ve felted so far are slightly larger than the others on the site. They’re still miniatures I suppose, but definitely of a chunkier sort! Pictures will follow soon….
Rolling into the autumn and winter months also makes me feel more into creating mythological creatures too. I wonder why this is? Possibly because, like the creatures themselves, I quite fancy curling up into a cosy ball in a cave somewhere, with plenty of blankets and a roaring fire to light the way.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say, some of the existing sculptures on Knittynudo are going to a new home shortly, so if there is a little creature you’ve had your eye on for a while I’d recommend you snap him / her up! At the moment I’m not 100% sure which curios are heading to the boutique, so I can’t give you any pointers. Some of the curios are made from substances and colours I don’t have anymore so I can’t guarantee a custom order either!

Speak soon!

Caroline xxxx


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